Lindo Global Changelog


  • Possible problem in the licencing routines for computer with many MAC addresses.


  • Updated to LINDO API 13, which includes various improvements:

  • Global solver

    • Improved recognition and exploitation of convexity of various composite functions.

    • Improved performance for models with convex-concave functions.

    • Models with ratio/fractional terms, including MIP, tend to solve faster, sometimes order of magnitude. non-convex quadratically constrained models are solved substantial faster.

    • Models with e^x and x^k terms are solved faster, “at LP speed.”

  • Integer Solver

    • Smarter selection of settings for cut generation and solution heuristics.

  • Concurrent LP solver

    • Improved: (Run Primal, Dual, Barrier simultaneously - stop when any finish)


[MacOS] Added support for older version of MacOS


Added changelog