How to use AMPL for free

AMPL Community Edtion

With AMPL Community Edition, AMPL is free with the following open-source solvers for personal, academic, or commercial prototyping purposes using AMPL APIs:

  • HiGHS: option solver highs; solve;

  • CBC: option solver cbc; solve;

  • Ipopt: option solver ipopt; solve;

  • Couenne: option solver couenne; solve;

  • Bonmin: option solver bonmin; solve;

  • SCIP: option solver scip; solve;

  • GCG: option solver gcg; solve;

  • Any solver, including commercial solvers, available on the NEOS server via Kestrel

At any point you can start commercial solver trials with a single click.

Get your free license:

AMPL for Courses

AMPL for Courses is a free bundle of full-featured AMPL with no limitations on problem size, and a selection of popular commercial and open source solvers. [Learn More]

AMPL for Consultants

Consultants can connect purchased commercial solvers to a free AMPL license. [Learn More]